Kirk Patrick Leather is really a company cowboy holsters that, since 1950, is specialized in manufacturing weapons covers, so that provider is highly recognized because its cowboy holsters are traditionally made with the finest American leather, making them quite resistant.

All its Weapons addresses is intended to continue more time; nevertheless they are watertight because they’ve been made for use daily while they’re quite sensible to use, especially for those cowboys who perform hunting work, or to possess swift and easy accessibility to it if you’re in your own ranch.

Just our cowboy holsters are guaranteed to continue You more than ten years; our cosmetics products have been highly popular not exclusively by expert hunters but in addition by athletes and ranchers, we additionally offer you additional products of excellent quality.

Each of these Products made at Kirk Patrick Leather is synonymous with durability, and which is the reason for over 70 years; we now have remained available since the best companies of their most durable leather shoulder holsters.

Our goods Made from leather, are traditionally created out of the best and best wrought vegetable leather, so which makes it very resistant to this passing of time, our belts have between 2 and 9 ounce of leather, and it’s the same one used to create seats leather that continues more than 100 decades .

All our Beautiful instances, for example, crossdraw holsters, are leather lined and sewn with dual stitching strengthening pressure points and metal vases like buckles, metal rivets, and nickel, and offering us further attractiveness to your outstanding products.

We’ve Got lots of and Unique fashions of covers, belts, and saddles, acquiring any our services and products will make you enjoy your investment for over ten years, which can stay intact over recent ages. You are able to also select from models really timeless to this absolute most innovative and colorful depending on your own taste.