Grabe designs And assembles products with the grabe highest technology and complying with international quality expectations. The staff of specialist professionals that this important business has functioned for over 30 years at the area of technology, design and manufacturing of industrial gear software.

It’s an organization Which gives innovative options in a customized manner of its industrial procedures of aeration, agitation, pumping, separation, dosing, storage, along with other procedures, which might be applicable to almost any portion of their business.

The answers that they Offer are their own very own designs, standing out in the production of industrial pumps, such as metering pumps that fulfill the purpose of injecting fluids in small amounts for its particular constraint of dosed volumes, promising constant measurements completed by different operators as time passes. .

Moreover Grabe grows centrifugal pumps which Alter the energy of a jet impeller called an impeller into the essential kinetic and potential power; and also pneumatic diaphragm pumps, and additionally called double diaphragm pumps, that generate plenty of drive to enable the movement of fluids as a result of tube networks with pressurized air.
It’s an organization Associated with industrial procedures which contributes to the own growth and progress. The industrial devices sector in Brazil has enabled an industrial growth in a LatinAmerican giant, therefore much that at the moment Brazil maintains business relations with more than one hundred states on the five continents that exceed one hundred billion dollars.

Grabe is a Commercial ally of this pulp and paper business, mining, steel, oil, aeronautics, natural gas, petrochemicals, bio-ethanol, legumes, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and a number of different industries. Its chief clients are organizations using a proven track listing such as Petrobras, Henkel, Bayer, Baxter, Sanphar, Klavin, Copasa and also many more.

Input the Site along with Contact them to obtain advice and the best strategies for excellent equipment on your industry predicated on its characteristics. It also has the possibility of receiving funds for the purchase of the industrial gear, highly valued nationwide and internationally.